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퓨리메디는 바이오마커 기반 암 조기 진단 전문 기업 입니다.


When it comes to cancer, don’t guess. Check it.

What is personalized medicine, and how can it help?

Like people, not all dogs respond the same way to a chemotherapeutic drug. What could be the best drug for one dog may not be the best for another. Our ImpriMed service uses your dog’s tumor cells to predict which chemotherapy is most likely to create a response before actually starting chemotherapy. That way, you and your vet can get a head start on your companion’s fight against cancer.

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AI-Driven Cancer Early Detection.

PuriMedi collects systemic information directly from our pet patients’ live cancer cells. With our veterinary oncology partners so far, we have received over 1,900 clinical samples per year from dogs with blood cancers. This enabled us to build an extensive dataset containing anything from cancer subcategories to the survivability of cancer cells to different chemotherapy drugs.

Through cancer research, big data analytics, and our AI-based predictive algorithm, ImpriMed can predict the most effective treatments for individual patients. Not only does our approach maximize the information your vet needs, but it also reduces the amount of time it takes to find the right chemotherapy.

Why PuriMedi?

Our service uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict which drugs are most likely to be effective for a particular dog's lymphoma or leukemia using live data from chemosensitivity and immunophenotyping assays which can help you make a difference in your practice.

Quick turnaround time

Get artificial intelligence-driven, personalized drug testing results in just 3-7 days with an FNA

Cost Effective

Get artificial intelligence-driven, personalized drug testing results in just 3-7 days with an FNA

Data-driven technology

Backed with the clinically proven results that are peer-reviewed and published in a scientific journal

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